Our Services

The below list covers the core of my service offering:

Budget Planning

Budget Planning to ensure that you do not spend more than you earn.

Business Succession Planning

Business Succession Planning to ensure that both your partners and dependents protected in the event that a partner/associate in the business should die, become disabled or suffer a critical illness (Buy & Sell Agreements, Key Person Insurance).

Investment Planning

Investment Planning to help you to identify and achieve your future financial goals by aligning your investment strategy to your objectives in a way that you understand and that takes into account the impact of inflation, economic risk, market risk, taxation and liquidity.

At- and Post-Retirement Planning

At- and Post-Retirement Planning to ensure that your income needs are appropriately addressed with the capital you have accumulated over the years and that your investment strategy is appropriate in accordance with your needs, financial objectives and risk profile.

Protection Planning

Protection Planning to ensure that you have made adequate financial provision to meet your financial needs as well as those of your family and dependants in the event of your death, critical illness or permanent disability.

Wills and Estate planning

Wills and Estate planning to ensure that your financial affairs are arranged to enable you and your family to enjoy the maximum benefits from your assets during your lifetime and, after your death, to ensure that there are sufficient assets or capital in order to meet the cash flow requirements of your deceased estate, family and other dependants and give effect to specific bequests.

Pre-Retirement Planning

Pre-Retirement Planning to ensure that you are able to retire financially independent. Merely contributing to a fund may not be sufficient for retirement purposes.

Additional Services

In addition to the services that I personally provide, I have an extensive referral network which can provide assistance with the following and more:

  1. UAE Wills and Guardianship
  2. Healthcare Planning
  3. Employee Benefits
  4. General Insurance
  5. HR & Payroll solutions
  6. Tax & Accounting
  7. Cross-border Foreign Exchange transfers

Package Options

Financial planning is an incredibly interesting industry and I meet people from different walks of life every week. As such, there is no one size fits all model. Therefore I have a few different models:

  1. Support model. This is a quarterly/annual fee-based subscription for those clients who need guidance and assistance with managing their finances through a monthly Zoom call and review meeting.
  1. Transactional model. This is for clients who handle certain aspects of their finances themselves and require only specific services from me. This is for one-off events such as insurance, retirement calculations and activities like estate plans and wills drafting. The services will be provided on a commission (insurance) or hourly/activity-based fee model.
  1. Investment model. This is for clients who transfer or place their investments under my ongoing advice and administration. There will be an initial fee for the analysis, development and implementation of the plans as well as an annual fee for the ongoing review and monitoring of the investments.
  1. A combination of the above.

The full fee schedule will be made available during our initial meeting to ensure complete transparency.

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